BQ Row ten

Row 10   –  1

P1010015 (2)Intelwoven Circles

signed: J. C. AckleyAckley, Julia

Age: 55

Julia Carrier was born in Sullivan County, New York on June 26, 1818, the youngest of 11 children of Ebeneezer Carrier and Clarissa Day. Brought up in hard working poverty (she learned to milk when she was 9) she was successively shuttled from one sibling to another ending up with a brother in Hamilton, NY. There she joined the Congregational Church, married Joseph Ackley in 1840 and became acquainted with the doctrines of the Perfectionists, but never identified herself with them by a personal confession of Christ until 1845. She and Joseph had four children.

Listed as a housekeeper, she was a mother to all–viewed as having a “compelling role of Mother of Israel”. She kept a detailed diary of Community activities. In later Community years, she became interested in spiritualism. The breakup is recorded, among other ways, in her diary as “bought the first spool of thread since I have been in the Community—33 years.”

She died at the age of 80 on January 16, 1899, and is buried with her husband in the Community Cemetery.

Row 10  –  2


signed:   M. E. NewhouseNewhouse, Eveliza Hyde

Age: 52

Eveliza Hyde was born in Vernon, New York on January 10, 1821. Her parents were James Hyde and Mary Bryant. Her nephew, Francis Hyde, and in later years her mother, also joined the Community.

She married Sewell Newhouse in the early 1840’s and moved to Oneida Castle where she and Sewell had a son, Miford J. Newhouse, born March 6, 1847. There is no record of her religious experience. Her occupation in the Community was listed as housekeeper, but by 1873 she was a supervisor of the Children’s House. She died at the age of 69 on March 14, 1880. She and her husband are both buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row 10  –  3

P1010010 (2) Pink Flower

signed:   Ellen B. NashNash, Ellen

Age: 25

Ellen Nash and her twin sister Alice (she made the flag shield above this panel) were born the first children in the Oneida Community on March 19, 1848, just a few months after their parents, Daniel and Sophia Nash, entered the Community. Ellen is the 1 st Community Child. Born in a log cabin on the Burt Farm, Ellen grew up in the first Children’s House. She had a keen mind, a fine memory, and was an able worker, first as a compositor and later in general services.

Ellen Nash had no Community children, but married Orrin Wright at the breakup on January 1, 1882. They had four children. They moved first to Sherrill and then to Oneida. In 1911 they built a house across from the Mansion House. In the next 12 years her husband and a daughter died and Ellen Nash Wright died at the age of 81 on April 5, 1929.

Row  10  –  4

P1010008 (1)Croquet

signed:   G. B. StevensStevens, Grace (Mills)

Age: 62

Grace B. Stevens was born in Maine on July 7, 1811. She married William Mills and had five children, joining the Community with the three younger ones, two months after her husband, on May 1, 1857. Her role in the Mills affair is not clear, nor is her secession date. She probably remained here after her husband left, and her death date is not known.

William Mills was the only person expelled from The Community. Because he strongly and openly disagreed about the matter of relations with women and the ethics of Noyes’ eugenic experiment, he was thrown out the window into a snowbank. He had heartily refused to leave the many times he was asked to do so previously.

Mills hired lawyers and the matter was settled several years later. It is believed that he was given $25,000.


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