BQ Row 3

Row 3 – 1

P1010051Plumbs with Acorns and Leaves (George & Harold written in leaves)

signed:   H. C. NoyesNoyes, Helen Campbell

Age: 47

Helen Campbell was one of several children of Dr. Alexander and Achsah Campbell born May 16, 1826. in Putney, VT. Her grandfather was a member of the Boston Tea Party. She was brought up in Unitarian tradition. Swept into Perfectionism during a revival in Charleston, Massachusetts, she joined the Putney Association and on July 12, 1847 married George Washington Noyes, brother of John Humphrey Noyes. She joined the Oneida Community on June 25, 1849, with her husband and son who died 3 months later.

Helen had two community children:  Ernest Seymour Noyes with H. J. Seymour b. Dec 7, 1850 Harold Kinsley Burnham Noyes with H. W. Burnham b. July 29, 1862.

Helen was a patient and careful teacher of both piano and vocal music in the Community. She formed and led the “singing girls” and was also a superintendent of the bag business and other departments. In later years she was one of the spiritualists, a drawing, painting, and healing medium. She died on April 16, 1913,43 years after her husband, at the age of 86. She is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row 3  –  2


signed:  E. HawleyHawley, Elizabeth

Age: 59

Elizabeth Hawley was born on May 18, 1814, in Connecticut. Elizabeth forwarded John H. Noyes’s letter of Jan 15, 1837, to Thomas Gates. Gates published this in The Battle Axe and Weapons of War in August of that year. This forced Noyes to openly avow a community of persons as well as of property. She married and had two children with Mordecia Prindle, one who came with her and one who was already here when she joined the Oneida Association of February 16, 1851:   Mary Louise Prindle b August 31, 1840 James M. Prindle b Oct 16, 1842

Before joining the Community she was subject to religious excitement with occasional bursts of temper. She knew her Bible thoroughly and in later years was outspoken in its defense and in her loyalty to John Humphrey Noyes. Witty, opinionated, and idiosyncratic, she worked as a soap-maker, dress-maker, and housekeeper. In later years she worked in the fruit house. She always looked after and befriended the ministers of the local Alliance Church. She died, then the oldest member of the Community, on January 22, 1910, at the age of 95.

Row 3 – 3

P1010065 Silk Spools

signed:  Olive ConantConant, Olive

Age: 50

Olive A. Garvin was born in northern Vermont on August 28, 1823, parentage not reported She became associated with a dedicated Perfectionist, Seba Bailey and moved to Illinois. After having a child with Seba Bailey, she married James A. Conant becoming his second wife. Olive Conant remained in the Commuity during the period her husband left in 1859, and she was widowed ten years later.

She worked as a weaver in the Community and at the breakup married Albert Kinsley on Janurary 16, 1880. She died at the age of 77 in 1901 and is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row 3 – 4

P1010022 Purple Grapes

signed:  ElizaBurt, Eliza Aiken

Age: 31

“Eliza” Burt was born on June 15, 1842, the youngest daughter of Jonathan and Lorinda Burt in Chittenango, New York. She joined the Community with her family at the age of 5 on February 1, 1848. Eliza worked as a silk-spooler and in general services in the community.

She had one Community child with George W. Hamilton: Eugene Hamilton b. July 31, 1866.   He was adopted by Manly Aiken when Eliza married him on November 13, 1879. She and Manly had two children. She died of consumption on September 26, 1907.

Row 3  –  5


signed:  Lucy Ann ThayerThayer, Noyes - Version 3

Age: 52

Lee Ann Warner was born in New Marlboro, Massachusetts on July 7,1821. She became a perfectionist in 1847 through George Cragin, Sr. and the writings of the Perfectionists. She married Henry W. Thayer on November 8, 1848, upon the advice of John Humphrey Noyes and George Cragin, two weeks before joining.

She bore a child in the Community with Marquis de Lafayette Worden: Charlotte Thayer Worden b June 18, 1854.   Lucy worked as a hat braider in the early Community days and later in general services and died on May 7, 1888 at Niagara Falls.


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  1. Bill Warden
    May 11, 2016 @ 20:25:48

    Lucy Ann was my grandmother’s grandmother. Bill Warden


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