BQ Row 4

Row 4 – 1

P1010028Editor’s Desk

signed:   TirzahMiller, Tirzah

Age: 30

Tirzah Miller was born on September 13, 1843, the oldest daughter of John R . and Charlotte Noyes Miller. She was a niece of John Humphrey Noyes. Her family was one of the original members of the Putney Family. They joined the Oneida Association after the Putney breakup on June 14, 1849. Tirzah was a most trusted assistant to John H. Noyes who often consulted her on Community affairs. She had three Community children, first with George Washington Noyes, the second with Edward P. Inslee, and the third with James B. Herrick:  George Wallingford Noyes b. December 13, 1870 Haydn Inslee (later Paul Herrick) b. April 20, 1874.   Hilda Herrick b.  June 8, 1878. Married  John Humphrey Noyes, II.

Tirzah married James B. Herrick at the breakup on November 6, 1879, and they had one more child: Winifred A. Herrick b. October 25, 1881. m. Harley Hamilton

Loyal to Noyes, she left the Community on March 23, 1880, with her husband, for Niagara Falls. Her view of her youth may not be unusual for this generation:  “the remarkable goodness of my parents, and the transcending virtues of the Noyes stock were often held to my view in such a light as to cause not only discouragement on my part, but actual polarity.”

Tirzah was very musical, and a grandmother of many Community descendants. She died on September 18, 1902, of angina pectoris in Kenwood at the age of 59 and is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row 4  –  2

P1010064 Cradle

signed:  Mary LouisePrindle, Mary

Age: 33

Mary Louise Prindle was born in Connecticut on August 31, 1840, one of at least two children of Elizabeth Hawley and Mordecai Prindle. She was among a number of young people who joined the Oneida Association for purposes of schooling. She joined on January 1, 1851.  Mary Louise Prindle bore one Community child fathered by William A. Hinds: Elliot P. Hinds b September 14 1873.

She changed her name to Hinds for the child’s sake, but never married. She worked as a reporter, teacher, and in general services in the Community, and was an assistant in the Children’s House in 1873. At her death she was described as having an “affliction which was so little referred to as to be almost nonexistent to others”. She was a lover of flowers and “the gift of idealizing her friends, ignoring their faults, and magnifying their virtues was hers to an unusual degree”. She died at Kenwood at the age of 70 on May 31, 1911.

Row 4  –  3

P1010044Shuttlecock and Battle Dore

Signed: Theodora & Emily

Ages: 12Campbell, teenager

Theodora Campbell was born on July 30, 1861, daughter of George and Sarah Burnham Campbell who were married before they joined the Community. She was the 30th Community child. She grew up in the Children’s House of the Oneida Community.She paid for and built the Kenwood Gospel Mission in 1894. The church was the outgrowth of a Sunday school that met first in the old school house on East Hamilton Avenue, Sherrill. She and Mr. Clarence Bloom were leaders. The last move was to the Kenwood Heights Christian & Missionary Alliance Church. Mr. Henry Burnham (Theodora’s uncle) of the Community, who lived most of the time in New York City, was connected with the Christian Alliance work there, having been made its first treasurer. She was a missionary with the Christian Alliance in Wuchow China serving as a principal of a girls school. In 1904 she died at age 43 and was buried in Wuchow, China.Emily

Emily Easton was born in New York City on April 23, 1861, after her parents, Abel and Louisa Easton, had emigrated from England. She joined the community with her parents on April 12, 1866 receiving her education here. Her father seceded in 1878, and she, her siblings, and their mother left on February 4, 1880 when she was 18.

Row 4  –  4

P1010023Mop and Wringer

signed:   L. E. KellyKelly, Lorinda - Daniels 1st wife

Age: 41

Lavinia Chapman was born on April 9, 1832 in Avoca, New York, daughter of James Chapman and Lavinia Utter.  She married Daniel Kelly in the early 1850’s and had three children:   Annie E. Kelly (Miller) b December 13, 1852 Ida Kate Kelly (Burnham) b May 24, 1855 Harold Noyes Kelly b June 11 1864

The family joined the Community on April 5, 1865. She worked as a housekeeper and in general services in the Community and died on April 5, 1886 at age 53.


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