BQ Row 6

Row 6 – 1

P1010026 (1)Community Publications

signed:   SophiaBloom, Sophia Nunns

Age: 44

T. C. = The Circular

S.S. = Salvation from Sin

A.S. = American Socialist

S.P. = Scientific Propagation

O.C.= Oneida Circular

M.C.= Male Continence

H.B. = Hand-Book of Oneida Community

Sophia L. Nunns was born July 26, 1829, in New York City, daughter of John F. Nunns of the piano-makers, Nunns and Clark. Her early religious experience is not reported. She married Morgan L. Bloom in the early 1850’s and had two children:  Arthur L. Bloom b June 3, 1854 Clarence E. Bloom b April 21, 1856

She visited the Community with her husband once six years before she joined on November 25, 1864. Her sons joined some months before.

Sophia Nunns Bloom had been a music teacher in New York and also taught piano in the Community. She left for a short period in 1865 (perhaps to divorce her husband) but returned. Her father gave a piano to the Community. She died in Rochester, New York at the age of 67 on May 3, 1897.

Row 6  –  2

P1010007 (1)Playing Leap Frog

signed:  CorneliaWorden, Cornelia

Age: 26

Cornelia Worden was one of three daughters who came with their widowed father, Marquis De Lafayette Worden on June 2, 1849. She was then almost two years old, having been born in Manlius Center, New York on November 20, 1847.  She worked as a music teacher in the Community, as a compositor in general services. She had two Community children:   Richard W. Noyes b Sept 26, 1869 by Theodore Noyes Gerard Smith b Nov 12, 1875 by Frank Smith (later Wayland-Smith).    She married Frank Smith (later Wayland-Smith) and had another son:  Louis Wayland-Smith b Nov 5, 1881

In her youth she had been a member of the “central square group” and in later years this changed to interest in reading, riding, and sociability. She died 11 years after her husband in Kenwood of myocarditis on March 16, 1928 at the age of 80. She is buried in the Community cemetery.

Row 6  –  3

P1010013 (1)Children at Play

signed:   Mary S. WhatleyWatley, Mary

Age: 29

Mary S. Whatley was born in Niagara Falls, Canada on September 28, 1844, the daughter of George Whatley. Her mother came from Ireland. She was a niece of Louise Whatley Marks, and joined the Community after her aunt but a year before her father on October 21, 1862. She is reported to have saved the family farm in the west by starting backfires to contain a prairie fire.

She had one Community child with William R. Inslee: Clifton Whatley Inslee b March 11, 1875.  She worked in the Children’s House and died at the age of 50 on April 18, 1895 of a carcinoma. She is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row 6  –  4

P1010010 (1)Dish of Fruit

signed:   PhoebeWhitney, Phoebe

Age: 40

Phoebe Sibley was thought to be born in Sutton, Massachusetts on January 19, 1833. No information is available on her religious experience or reasons for joining. She joined the Association when she was 20 at the Brooklyn Family on May 22, 1853.

She had no children and worked as a printer, compositer, and binder on Community publications. At the breakup she married Elijah Whitney on July 21, 1880 in Prescott, Massachusetts and died at the age of 61 on March 14, 1894.


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