BQ Row 7

Row 7 – 1

P1010015 (1)Flag and Shield

signed:   Ann ElizaVanVelzer, Ann

Age: 37

Ann Eliza VanVelzer was one of five children of Lyman VanVelzer, born in Syracuse, New York on August 23, 1836. Her mother was Lyman’s first wife, Ruth Ford. She entered the Community with his new family on June 12, 1849, when she was 12. She had two Community children:  Wilfred Searn b. July 28, 1861 by John F. Sears Ruth H. Barron b June 15, 1870 by J. Homer Barron.  Ann Eliza worked as a housekeeper and in general services in the Community, and sang in the Pinafore chorus. She died at the age of 63 on November 6, 1899.



Row  7  –  2

P1010017 Squaws

signed:   Where’s Margaret?Langstaff, Mary

Age: 65

Margaret Kishpaugh Langstaff was born in Newark, New Jersey, on October 9, 1808. No record of her early religious background is available but it is known she had been married to a Mr. Langstaff and had three children. She joined the Community in Mayor June of 1849. One child joined the Community three years later as the wife of George Vail.

Margaret Langstaff worked in the kitchen, and as a nurse while in the Community. She exchanged food for baskets from the Indians. Guy Hatch Noyes changed his name to George Langstaff Noyes in later years, being a grandson of Margaret. She died on April 29, 1891, at the age of 82 and is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Some think that this was designed by a man in the Community.

Row 7 – 3

P1010019 Ornamental Design

signed:   Ida KateKelly, Ida Kate

Age: 18

Ida Kate Kelly was born on May 24, 1855 in Lafayette, Illinois after her parents had moved from New York State. She was one of three children of Daniel and Lavina Kelly who joined the Association with them on April 20, 1865.

Her work in the Community is not recorded. She had one Community child with Theodore R. Noyes: Rhoda Hero Noyes b October 24, 1877.

At the breakup, Ida Kate married Edwin S. Burnham and they had one child together: Chester W. Burnham, Sr. b October 23, 1883.  Ida Kate died eleven years later at the age of 38 on January 28, 1894, cause unknown. She is buried in the Community Cemetery.

This is the only embroidered signature on this quilt.

Row 7 – 4


signed:  AliceAckley, Alice

Age: 26

Alice Ackley was born February 24, 1847, in East Hamilton, New York, one of two surviving children of Joseph and Julia C. Ackley. She was not quite two when she entered the Community with her parents on February 21, 1849. Alice Ackley worked in the Community in the nursery at Oneida when she was about 25, and later she taught at Wallingford with Ann Hobart Bailey. When she was 20, she was sent to New York City to study voice with Minerva Barron, and Abram and Charles Burt. She had a voice her daughter remembered as “of operatic quality”, a judgement supported by Charles Joslyn.

Alice had three Community children, the first with Victor Noyes: Corinna Ackley Noyes b November 26, 1872 Two children with Martin Kinsley: Margaret E. Kinsley b November 3, 1875 and Albert E. “Bob” Kinsley b September 17, 1877

She married Martin Kinsley on October 3, 1879, one of the first four couples married at the OC by James B. Herrick. Martin adopted Corinna, and she and Martin had three more children. Martin Ellsworth b September 19, 1882,  Alice lona b June 7, 1855 and Reginald Kinsley b September 7, 1889.  After the breakup they lived at the “Kinsley Farm” on West Hamilton Ave.

She was widowed in 1908 and she later built a cottage in the Vineyard. She gave occasional recitals in the Big Hall and was remembered as tender and loving with no bitterness in later years. She died on May 5, 1922 at the age of 75.

Row 7 – 5

P1010021Oneida Circular and Rose Bud

signed:   Sara K. DunnDunn, Sarah (Kinsley)

Age: 44

Sarah Kinsley was born in Fletcher, Vermont, the eldest of four children of Albert and Maria Kinsley who joined the Community in its first year on October 23, 1848. Sarah had received the faith in 1845 through the influence of Mr. Noyes’s writings, and had been born 16 years before on December 31, 1829.

Sarah Kinsley married Leonard F. Dunn on Community principles on June 5, 1849 and they had two Community children:  Eugene Dunn b June 11, 1860 d 1861 Burton L. Dunn b March 18, 1871

Sarah was an early “mother” of the Children’s House, a housekeeper, and in later years a respected elder in the Community. She died at the age of 71 in Kenwood of a carcinoma on January 8, 1901, and is buried in the Community Cemetery.


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