BQ Row 8

Row 8  –  1

P1010023 (1) Pears

signed:   S. Van VelzerVanVelzer, Sarah R

Age: 58

Sarah Rowland was born in Syracuse, New York on May 18, 1815. She united with the Methodist Church in 1829, at the age 14, and withdrew in 1843. For three years before leaving the church, she saw and believed the doctrine of Perfectionism, for which she is indebted to her acquaintance with Mrs. G. W. Robinson. Sarah was instrumental in converting her husband, Lyman Van Velzer who she had married in 1839. They brought five children to the Community and had one more in 1850.

Sarah Van Velzer worked as a dressmaker and a seamstress in the Community and took charge of the sewing room in the Children’s House.

Row 8  –  2

P1010022 (1)Reporters Desk

signed:   Olive A. NashNash, Olive7

Age: 34

Olive A. Nash was one of three children of Daniel and Sophia Nash, when they joined the Community on February 1, 1848. She was born, before her family moved back to New York State, on March 23, 1839 in South Orange, New Jersey. Olive had one Community child with C. Otis Kellogg, whom she married at the breakup on December 17, 1879: Eleanor Nash Kellogg b. January 1, 1871.

Olive worked as a hat-braider, dressmaker, compositor and in general services in the Community. She died at the age of 71 of an edema of the lungs in Kenwood on January 11, 1911, and is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row  8  –  3

P1010004 (1)Pear

signed:   Mary R. JonesJones, Mary later Hawley

Age: 32

Mary R. Jones was born in Baldwinsville, New York on September 29, 1841, the daughter of William Jones and Anna Tamplin.  An older sister, Emma joined the community four months before she did on April 27, 1858.

Mary had a nervous temperament which was evidently hysterical (according to T. R. Noyes) and was much aggravated by sexual intercourse. She had still births with two different Community men in 1873. H. J. Seymour and T. R. Noyes. She left the Community for Baldwinsville on October 25, 1877, and the next year married R. Victor Hawley. I n the next seven years they moved to California and Mary Hawley had three children; one who died young and another who became the father of nine children.

Mary Jones Hawley worked as a laundress in the Community and died at the age of 65 on August 6, 1906.

Row 8  –  4

P1010022 (2) Dove

signed:  A. S. BurnhamBurnham, Abby Scott

Age: 52

Abby Scott was born in Fairfax, Vermont on August 14, 1821. She married Henry W. Burnham in 1843 and became a Perfectionist in 1845 through the influence of her husband and the Putney papers. She and her husband joined the Putney Association in April, 1847.

She joined the Oneida Association on June 1, 1848, nearly a month after her husband joined. She and her husband had three children: Edwin S. Burnham b May 15, 1844; Chester W. Burnham b April 13, 1856 and Marion A. Burnham b May 15, 1859

Abby Scott Burnham also had a Community child fathered by Leander Worden: George Henry Burnham b March 24, 1854

Abby Burnham worked in general services and is reported to have made pickles for the whole Community. She was one of the first members of bag bees in 1856. Along with her daughter, Marion, she went to Boston for an unknown period after the breakup. She died at Oneida on September 1, 1900. She is buried in the Community Cemetery.


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