BQ Row 9

Row 9  –  1


signed:  EdithWaters, Edith

Age: 15

Edith Waters was the only child of Hial and Louisa T. Waters, born on June 9, 1858, the 19th Community Child. Her parents had been married “on Community principles” when they joined about 10 years earlier. Edith’s father died three months after she was born.

She was raised in the Children’s House, a contemporary of Jessie Kinsley, played piano, and was a member of the “singing girls” when she was 14. For a time she was much in love with Charles Cragin, but she died of consumption at the age of 20 on July 25, 1878, in Verona Springs. She is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row 9  –  2

P1010047Moss on Berries and Leaves

signed:  PortiPortia Underhill

Age: 32

Portia Marie Underhill was born on October 15, 1842, the daughter of Charles Underhill and Portia M. Brooks, his first wife. She was born during a short family stay in Missouri and after her mother’s death, returned to live in Bath, New York. She inherited a firm religious faith from her father who once had studied for the ministry. Portia was one of four girls who were converted by Candace Bushnell with the assistance of William Kelly, and she joined the Community at the age of 23 on October 8, 1865.

During her first years in the community she struggled with feelings of love for George Washington Noyes, but at the age of 31 she bore a Community child with Henry G. Allen: Grosvenor Noyes Allen b July 13, 1874.

Being accused of “special love”, Henry and Portia were separated by the Community, but married at the breakup and had a daughter, Hope E. Allen on November 12, 1883.

Portia became a teacher in the community, as she had been before, and had the reputation of an excellent understanding of children., She was active in the flower garden in later years and remained a loyal follower of Noyes though she also had a reputation as a medium and associated with the spiritualist group. She moved to Niagara Falls in 1896 and died at the age of 70 on September 20, 1913, refusing painkillers as she wanted to be conscious of her passing.

Row  9 – 3

P1010021 (1)Flag Shield

signed:  Alice EvaNash, Alilce

Age: 25

Alice E. Nash and her twin sister Ellen (she made the pink flower below to the right of this panel on the quilt) were the first two children born in the Oneida Community. She is the 2nd Community child. Children of Daniel and Sophia Nash who were here at Burt’s Mill before John Humphrey Noyes and the Putney Community moved here from Vermont. Alice was born on March 19, 1848. She grew up in the first Children’s House and by 1870 was working as a housekeeper in the Community. She had one Community child with Henry W. Thayer:  Walter Nash Thayer b. December 4, 1875.

Alice worked in general services in 1880 and at the breakup married John Sears on February 12, 1880. They had one child who died as an infant.

Alice Sears died at the age of 47 of acute edema of the lungs on March 2, 1876 and is buried in the Community Cemetery.

Row 9  –  4

P1010023 (2) Conventional Flower Pattern

signed:  M. Hyde

Maria F. Barron

Mary Bryant Hyde

Age: 78

Mary Bryant was born in New York State on January 6, 1795.

She married James Hyde and had a daughter who joined the Community, Eveliza Hyde Newhouse. She was Sewell Newhouse’s mother in-law. She joined the Community, probably a widow, on July 15, 1869,21 years after her children. She worked as a housekeeper in the Community and died at the age of 81 on November 24, 1876.

Row 9  –  5


signed:   Mabel

Age: 14Mabel Joslyn

Mabel H. Joslyn was born on May 14, 1859, to Charles S. Joslyn and Harriet E. Allen, the 24th child born in the Community. Her parents married at the breakup.

She was raised in the Children’s House and by the time she was thirty was working with her mother in the Silk Department. She never married nor had children. She was very musical, a member of Helen C. Noyes’ “singing girls”, and later sang and acted in the Community musicals. She died after an operation in Utica at the age of 39 on March 21, 1899 and is buried in the Community Cemetery.


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