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Turning Lathe

signed:  Mary E. VanVelzer

Age: 25

Mary was born in Syracuse on Feb 29, 1848 and died on Jan 1,1917. She VanVelzer, Mary entered The Community with family on June 12,1849. She worked as a silk spooler in the Community when she was 22 and had two Community Children: The first with John Humphrey Noyes: Holton VanVelzer Noyes Born March 7, 1871 and the 2nd with Theodore L. Pitt: Ethelbert W. D. Pitt Born August 23, 1874. She was one of many in the “central square group”, young ladies who got together during Community days and were criticized for frivolity and superficialty.

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signed:   S. F. SmithSmith, Sarah Francis

Age: 21

Sarah Francis King was born near Vesper, New York on April 19, 1842. She married D. Edson Smith at the age of 18 and had 3 children, two of whom died young. She joined the Community with her husband and son on June 7, 1867. She had one Community child with Myron Kinsley: Josephine F. Kinsley born Aug 3, 1873.

She worked as a school teacher and in general services in the Community, and at some time she and her husband were divorced for he remarried at the breakup. She remained in Kenwood and died there of myocarditis at the age of 78 on March 31, 1921.

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Signed:   S. E. A. D.

Sarah Elizabeth Averell Dascomb was born in Bath, NY on February 15, Sarah Dascomb1831. She married a Leander Dascomb and shortly after birth of their son William, June 22, 1854, he left. She was a schoolteacher. She joined the Community as a widow on May 11, 1873. She worked as a schoolteacher in the Community and in general services. She left the Community at the breakup and returned to Bath, NY. She died at the age of 56 on Sept 22, 1887 and is buried in Grove Cemetery, Circle Drive, 1st Section, part 4.

Clockwise starting at the top right: Dove (Holy Spirit) descends on man; New child of God; Cross of Jesus Christ, the Savior; Crown of Jesus Christ, the King; Judgment of God; Holy Bible; Keys of heaven, anchored in the Bible; Dove with branch of peace on New World (heaven on earth). Center: Flower petals with artist’s initials between each one; and a quote of Jesus Christ: “Make them all one as we are one”. Found in the Gospel of John 17· 71

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Pink Rose

signed:   Annie

Age: 31

Annie Hatch was born on May 24, 1842 in Baldwinsville, NY, one of four children of Eleazer and Hannah Burnham Hatch. She entered the Hatch, AnneCommunity with the family when she was five on May 8, 1848. She was one of the first members of bag bees in the 1850’s, studied piano with Sophia Nunns Bloom, and later worked in general services.

She was a close friend of Beulah Hendee and Jessie Hatch, and never married nor had Community children. She was very fond of Myron Kinsley but “gave him up” to Jessie and remained friends of both. Annie Hatch died at the age of 64 on December 2, 1906

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signed:   C. A. ReidReid, Charolette A

Age: 46

Charlotte A. Converse was born on March 8, 1827, in Cambridge, Vermont, one of several children of Josiah Converse and Mary Stone. A sister Sophia Converse Dunn also joined the Community. Her religious experience is not recorded but her comments gives a picture of her piety:

“The idea of talking with our dear Father kindles my heart with enthusiasm, and makes me long to get rid of all the rubbish that would hinder the free course of God’s spirit in me”.  Charlotte married Ransom Reid in 1847 before she joined on November 3, 1853. They had no children together. She did have one Community child with William A. Hinds: Virginia Hinds b Jan 17, 1863.

Charlotte worked in general services as a housekeeper and lived to the age of 91, dying on August 24, 1918


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  1. Jill Lang
    Feb 21, 2016 @ 18:03:09

    It seems the image attached to “Cherries” is “Pink Rose” and that of “Pink Rose” is “Cherries”


    • waltsmusings
      Feb 27, 2016 @ 16:51:13


      Thank you so much for the correction.



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