Guest Menu

This is an example of what guests would be served.  The family would have the same food daily with the exception of dessert.  They very seldom ate dessert.

Bill of Fare


Wheat,                                   Graham,                      Graham gems.



Potatoes, asparagus, peas, beans, {string and shell}

Green corn, cauliflower, beets,

Turnip, egg-plant, tomatoes.


Strawberry short-cake–red raspberries, white currents and peaches being successfully substituted, as one appears and the other passes by.  Tarts.

The best native fruits-of all kinds, with abundance of sweet cream.


Fruit, cup, sponge, silver, Gold and Orange. Cookies

Pickles.                                                                                              Cheese.

 Ice cream.


Coffee.                              Tea.                         Lemonade.

Note:  Coffee was only served to guest the Community did not drink it as they thought it was too much of a stimulant.  Community Coffee Recipe.  The coffee is a mixture of Java and malt, half-and-half. This confession will be wondered at perhaps, but persons who have always been used to the pure decoction so often praise our coffee, in fact go into ecstacies over it, we are forced to think it is really an improvement. Perhaps it is liked because we boil it only three minutes., and that pat to the dinner hour, and have the right kind of cream to put with it. The quantities are four quarts of water to half a pound of coffee. Stir in the white of one egg and a little cold water into the coffee before you put it into the boiling water.


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