Business Ventures

The Community began as a agricultural based economy.  As time moved on, they realized they would have to do other things to generate enough income.  They started many businesses and adjusted as needed to provide for the Family.  Several of these businesses only lasted for a short time.  The three most successful manufacturing centers were:  Animal Traps, Silk Thread, and Canning of Fruits and Vegetables.

I have listed below all the enterprises of The Commmunity that I have found:

Agricultural: Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, and Castings

Bag Business:  All styles including Lunch bags

Brick making

Broom Manufacturing

Canning:  Glass and Tin, Fruit & Vegetable Preserving

Car Trimmings (for railroad)

Cast Iron Window Caps

Chains:  Gold, Iron, and Steel


Coal Stoves – small

Coil Springs:  Railroad Work

Corn Cutters

Cornice Supports, etc.


Dog Collars

Exchange of Furs

Foundry:  RR Castings, Draw heads, Water Pipe, Wagon Skiens

Grist Mill:  Feed and flouring

Hop Stoves

Jack Screws

Lace Paper:  For soap boxes

Licenses Peddling


Malleable Iron Foundry:  Trap & Chain Castings, Misc. Work

Market gardening

Mop Sticks

Mop Wringers

Neck Ties

Palm Frond Hats

Paper Fasteners:  Tim Swartwout’s Patent


Potato Washers

Printing:  Books, Catalogs, Misc., Job work, The Circular

Rake Hoes

Rustic Seats

Satin Cravats

Saw Mill:  Lumber of all kinds, Shingles, Lath, Pickets

Scuffle Hoes

Silk Boxes:  For Spool goods

Silk Threads:  Spool, Skein, Embroidery, Etc., Ribbon, Broad Goods


Steel Traps:  Mouse, Rat, Gopher, Mole, Bear, Moose, and Elephant

Tableware:  Plated Flatware


Wagon Spokes

Wanza Lamps

Water Wheels

The table on the left is called the “self wait” table that was used during the OC.  The model that I made shows the outside circle that is 18″ wide that was stationary.  The small circle in the center held extra plates, etc.  The red part turned as one would spin it.  This held the main dishes that you would spin until what you were looking for was in front of you.  The community was using this and it was really a lazy susan that they did not patent.

Self Wait Table Model

Self Wait Table


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