Family Chart

This is a family tree chart of 85 of the original families of The Oneida Community.  This chart is 560 feet long and contains over 3,000 names. This was put on display for “Home Coming” July 2005.  The following are family names of Community members with individual genealogy books stored at The Oneida Community Mansion House :

Abbott, Ackley, Allen, Bailey, Baker, Barron, Bedford, Bloom, Bolles, Bradley, Bristol, Brooks, Burnham, Burt, Campbell, Conant, Craigan, Dunn, Eldridge, Elllis, Freeman, Gibson, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, Hatch, Hayes, Haley, Hendee, Herrick, Hinds, Howard, Hutchins, Inslee, Johnson, Joslyn, Kellog, Kinsley, Kitendaugh, Langstaff, Leonard, Life, Lord, Macknet, Mackown, Mallory, Marks, Matthews, Miller, Nash, Newhouse, Nolan, Norton, Noyes, Olds, Otis, Phelps, Pitt, Prindle, Reeve, Reid, Sears, Seymour, Sibley, Skinner, Smith, Smith, Sweet, Thayer, Towner, Tuttle, Underwood, Vaill, VanVelzer, Whatley, Woolworth, Worden


Lois & Pete T 2                                                        Lois Lang  & Dr. Peter Tamburro



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