JHN children

John Humphrey Hoyes fathered the following children before the Community began:

Theodore R. Noyes by Harriet Holton (legal wife) b. July 26, 1841

Victor C. and Victoria C. Noyes (twins) by Mary E. Cragin  b. September 6, 1847. Victoria died shortly after birth.  It is rumored that her father may have been George Cragin.

                                                                   During the 32 year life of Oneida Community, John H. Noyes fathered the following Community children:

Below: Early photo of J.H. Noyes

Jessie C. Baker (Hatch) by Catherine E. Baker b. March 26, 1858. At the age of 7, Jessie was “claimed” by Eleazer Hatch

Constance (Consuelo) B. Noyes (Bradley) by Sarah A. Bradley b. October 23, 1849. Lemuel Bradley also considered by some the father of Constance.

 John H. Noyes, II by Charlotte Leonard b. November 18, 1869.

Peirrepont B. Noyes by Harriet Worden b. August 18, 1870.

Holton V. Noyes by Mary E. Van Velzer b. March 7, 1871

Gertrude H. Noyes by Harriet N. Olds b. December 29, 1871

Irene Campbell Newhouse by Arabelle Woolworth b. June 5, 1873

Godfrey Barron Noyes by Maria F. Barron b. August 18, 1873.

Dorothy Hendee (Jenny Wren) Noyes (Barron) by Beulah Hendee b. August 22, 1876

Miriam Trowbridge Noyes by Helen C. Miller b. August 19, 1877.

Guy Hatch (George Langstaff) Noyes by Leonora Hatch April 23, 1879.


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