Not All Men Were “Perfect”

The following  individuals displayed moral characteristics not compatible with O.C. principles.

Born: April 12, 1812 Died:

William was a very unpleasant individual who was literally thrown out of the Mansion House. Turned out that he had infected three women with some sort of VD that he had contacted while he was away from the community. He was considered a very unhealthy influence. He later sued the community and received a $25,000 settlement.

Born: 1803 Died: 1860

Giacinto was a Roman Catholic priest in Italy who had much misconduct. He impregnated several women and the church kept moving him to other assignments. He was sent to further his education, receiving his doctorate. This brought him in conflict with the pope. Challenging various Catholic beliefs. He was imprisoned by the Italian Inquisition and later released. After a period of preaching in England, he was part of a major libel trial in London with Cardinal Newman. Achilli won. He came to America and landed at the door of the Mansion House. After a short stay he wanted to join and the community. He was told to leave for a few weeks and then come back. In the meantime he raped two women in New York City, which was reported in papers of which the OC received. When he returned they refused him to join and he left for Rochester, NY. He gifted the OC with several pictures of Greek philosophers which are now hanging in the upper sitting room of the Mansion House.

Born: Jan 2, 1850 Died: ?

James worked in general services in the Community and in 1874 delivered wagons to Wallingford.

He left the Community shortly after 1878 and married Gertrude Nash on February 9, 1881. Later in 1881, James confessed to starting two fires in the Arcade, perhaps out of some bitterness that has not been explained.

Born: Sept 8, 1841 Died: June 30, 1882

Charles was a very unstable young man,so much so that his father thought JHN might be able to help him. Charles was born Sept 8, 1841 in Freemont, Illinois. He joined the OC at age 19 on June 29, 1860. He seceded on April 3, 1865 to spread Noyes’ self named “millennial communism” by starting a daily newspaper “Daily Theocrat” in Hoboken, NJ. On July 20, 1865 , he reentered the Oneida Community. On November 1, 1866 he departed with what he had orginally brought that was recorded in the property register. On July 2, 1881 Charles shot President Garfield who later died September 18, 1881


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