OC Men Born in OC

This is a list of some of the men born in the OC and biographical info about them.

Born:  Jan 13, 1874     Died:  Sept 3, 1954

Grosvenor was sent to Yale and graduated at the head of his class in 1895. He was made a director, later first vice president and chairman of the board of Oneida Community Limited. Grosvenor headed the design department and was responsible for most of the early successful silverware patterns. He was a believer in the perfection of man, without the earlier religious connotations of perfectionism. He was just and tolerant; his judgment was sound, deliberate, and frequently uncanny. He encouraged the distribution of Community Stock to many young stockholders.

Born:  March 24, 1854   Died:  May 16, 1899

George seceded from the community on October 10, 1875 and went to New York City to set up his own printing company, The George H. Burnham Company.   He hired Edwin S. Burnham, Theodore R. Noyes, and Frank Tuttle to work for him.

Burnham, Harold KinsleyBURNHAM, HAROLD KINSLEY
Born:   July 29, 1862     Died:  Oct 23, 1918

At the breakup, Harold and his mother went to Europe to study in the German art schools. He became a designer of community silver and was a photographer for Oneida Community Limited. He took many posed pictures of the children in the 1890s.

Born:  Mar 18, 1871    Died:  Aug 24, 1959

Burton studied at Harvard; Cornell, where he received his degree in 1895;  and at three medical schools. He began his professional life as an oculist in Syracuse and later came to Oneida. He gave up his medical practice in 1904 and became advertising manager for OCL. He was one of the first to use women in advertising in this country, posing them with tableware, and was in this manner responsible for major increases in sales.

Born:   Mar 8, 1861   Died:   May 14, 1933

When Harley was young he studied music with Charles Joslyn.    In 1881, Harley and Horatio Noyes left the community to join Warner’s Minstrel Troupe. He eventually moved to Santa Anna, California. He began teaching violin in Los Angeles, and eventually formed and became the conductor of the Womens’ Symphony. He later became the founder and first conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Born:  Aug 22, 1874   Died:  Aug 23, 1861

In the early 1900s, Karl joined with H. T. Noyes, and Clifton Inslee in an unsuccessful attempt to use William Woolworth’s stock to take over management of the community from P. B. Noyes.

Born:  Sept 14, 1873   Died:  Jan 24, 1918

Elliott was an  expert chess player, and he raised prize Bulldogs. In World War I he volunteered after the age of 40, and flew supplies to  troops in France. He died in combat at the age of 44 on January 24, 1918.

Kinsley, AlbertKINSLEY, ALBERT E.
Born:  Sept 17, 1877    Died:  Aug 10, 1944

Albert began his working career in the chain and trap business at Oneida Community Limited. He incorporated the Triumph Trap Company in 1913, later bought out the Animal Trap Company in Lititz, PA. He traveled extensively for the trap business.

Stephen Rose Leonard, Sr., Children Born at Oneida or WallingLEONARD,  STEPHEN ROSE, SR.
Born:  Nov 18, 1872   Died:  Mar 27, 1964

Stephen went to Cornell where he graduated in mechanical engineering in the class of 1895. He worked for the company as superintendent of the trap shop, superintendent of farms, director of personnel. Later he served on the Board of Directors and as vice president of the company. Stephen was a very warm, unselfish, civic minded individual.

Born:  Nov 30, 1876     Died:  Aug 19, 1954

Emerson’s family moved to California after the breakup. He trained as a lawyer and later became a judge of the state supreme court of Orange County, California (a position once held by J. W. Towner). On September 1, 1929 he was appointed to the federal district number 4 Appellate Court.

Mar 11, 1876    Died:  Jan 1, 1952

Kenneth grew up in Kenwood and was interested in art. He studied and later taught painting at the Art students league in New York City. Ellen Pendleton was one of his students who later became his second wife. Another student Isabel Bishop became a well-known painter.   Jesse Kinsley was also a student of Kenneth’s.

Born:  Dec 13, 1870   Died:  Aug 24, 1941

George attended The Loomis school in Kenwood, and went to Cornell on a full scholarship graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 1892. George was very concerned that there be a documented history of the Oneida Community. He wrote two volumes before he died, and spent one summer in the 1930s helping R. A Parker with A Yankee Saint.   He left two more volumes in manuscript form.

Born:  Apr 23, 1879.     Died:  Apr 13, 1919

George Langstaff Noyes (name changed from Guy Hatch Noyes).   George was raised partly in New York City and partly in Kenwood. He was a talented poet with a remarkable memory. He unfortunately became addicted to laudanum and was quite erratic in his behavior. At one time he jumped off the north tower into a huge snowdrift.

Born:  Mar 7, 1871   Died:  Mar 17, 1953

Holton attended the Loomis school in Kenwood. In 1892 he began a restaurant business called “Noyes Brothers” with PB Noyes. In 1894 he returned to the company to work in the fruit department. He held various positions within the company. He developed a herd of prize Holsteins and was an early president of the Holstein Friesian Association. He was given a leave of absence and served as the agriculture commissioner for the state of New York from 1937 to 1944. He wrote a history of the Oneida Community Limited with Stephen R. Leonard called The Second 32 Years.

Noyes, HoratioNOYES, HORATIO T.
Born:  Dec 13, 1862    Died:  Mar 7, 1949

Horatio was probably named after an uncle who never joined the Oneida Community.  Horatio was an expert clarinetist. He was a soloist with John Philip Sousa’s band and later with Arthur B. Pryor. Horatio, Carl Hatch, and Clifton W. Inslee attempted to take over the company from P. B. Noyes. They did not succeed.

Born:  Aug 18, 1870    Died:  Apr 15, 1959

PB attended Colgate for just over a year, but left when his mother died. He joined his brother, H.V. Noyes, in New York to work at the “Noyes Brothers” restaurant. He instituted OCL profit-sharing in the early 1900s. In the 1930’s PB was appointed by Gov. Roosevelt to the Saratoga commission.  He was responsible for the construction of the health spa at Saratoga Springs. He had studied painting with Kenneth Miller and was the author of several books. He and his nephew, Ray Noyes, created the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle which now hangs in the Mansion House Court.

Born:  Aug 23, 1874   Died:  Jan 7, 1944

Ethelbert constructed the model of the Oneida Community Limited buildings used in the 1899 Pan-American exposition in Buffalo, New York. It is exhibited in the visitor center of today’s OCMH.

Born:  Sept 30, 1872    Died:  Sept 3, 1944

Theodore went to M.I.T. to study architecture. He was the architect for “The Gables”, PB’s house near the mansion house. He designed many college buildings in New York and in Florida. He also designed several houses in Kenwood. The Plymouth Alliance Church on Kinsley Avenue is another building designed by him.

Wayland-Smith, GerardWAYLAND-SMITH, GERARD
Born:  Nov 12, 1875     Died:  June 14, 1933

When Gerard was 17 he went to New York City to join his father in business. He later worked for Crucible Steel as a salesman and then for Halcomb Steel in Syracuse, New York.   He had a vast, all-encompassing optimism, and was perhaps, the best salesman in the company’s history.

Born:  Oct 15, 1870   Died:  June 26, 1949

Felix was a successful banker and for a time a very large stockholder in O.C.L. He later bought the trap patent and manufacturing equipment from O.C.L. which became the current trap company in Lititz , PA.



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