Reading Suggestions

To help one get a better understanding of The Oneida Community I would suggest the following:

Without Sin by Spencer Klaw.  Klaw came to the Oneida Community Mansion House several times examining primary documents and interviewing several descendants.  This book is considered by many to be one of the best books on The Oneida Community.

Free Love in Utopia by Lawrence Foster.  Foster was given access to the writings of George Wallingford Noyes, nephew of John Humphrey Noyes.  This included access to primary documents, which gives the nuts and bolts of how The Community started in Putney, Vermont.

Tirzah Miller, Desire and Duty at Oneida, an intimate memoir by Robert S. Fogarty.  Her diary gives an intimate insight into the favorite niece of John Humphrey Noyes and their relationship.

Special Love – Special Sex an O. C. Diary edited by Robert S. Fogarty.  This is the only man’s diary that has been published to date.

A Lasting Spring by Jessie Catherine Kinsley.  She was born in 1860 in the Community and pens an insight into the life of a young woman growing up in Utopia.  In her later years she would craft the fantastic braidings housed in the Oneida Community Mansion House.

Oneida Community Cooking – or – “A Dinner Without Meat”

P1020175Walt & VictoriaThis is Harriet H. Skinner’s Cookbook that was edited by Victoria Carver.  This book gives insight to what the Community ate.  Walt Lang purchasing cookbook from Victoria Carter.
Info at Syracuse University:





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