Theodore Pitt was a leader of the spiritualist group during and after Community days.

William S.  Kelly was a spiritualist leader. He was responsible for converting Beulah Hendee and Portia Underhill.  He made claim he haunted the Mansion House peaceably.

Julia Ackley was interested in spiritualism toward end of The Community.

Emma Campbell’s confession of faith appeared in Spiritual Magazine Vol. 2 No. 24.

Portia Marie Underhill (Allen) had a child with Henry G. Allen.  He was named Grosvenor N. Allen.  They were separated by The Community for showing special love.  They married after the breakup.  They had a daughter Hope E. Allen, after The Community ended.  Portia was loyal to John Humphrey Noyes but had a reputation as a medium, associating with the spiritualist group.  Portia made “Moss on Berries and Leaves” of Best Quilt in 1873 at age 32.

Ann Sophia Hobart Bailey (Skinner) bore a Community child with Joseph Skinner, whom she married after Community ended.  She was once considered a head medium in the group with Theodore R. Noyes and Theodore Pitt.  She and Charles Burt designed the first tiny chest of drawers made by The Community.

Erastus VanVelzer was a member of Theodore R. Noyes inner circle of spiritualism.


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